Latest adventure!

Within 2 days of getting back into the base camp in Antarctica after skiing solo unassisted and supported to the South Pole, thoughts turned to my next adventure – involving a jungle.

2 weeks on, the plan is being put into action and life is quite busy again.

So, my self inflicted challenge is to :To kayak down the River Amazon from source to sea – all 4000+ miles of it.

The adventure has four distinct parts to it.

:the first is climbing upto the source,

:the second is mastering the grade V+ white water rapids for 1000miles. For this part I will have a safety guide with me (Dying is not a good look).

:the third is getting through the notorious drug baron and organ harvesting folks and

:finally fourthly, the long 3000 mile sea kayak paddle to the sea.

I will learn to live in a humid and remote place thats teaming with dangerous wildlife.

Training is in full swing and I will leave mid June. Exciting times.

If you can help or would like to be involved in supporting any aspect please get in contact with me on