40miles /64km in aid of cystic fibrosis

Such a great day. Team Yomping Yeoman – we made it to the finish line. Great to meet up with old faces and its at times like these I become quite scared that life has zoomed by. Where has the last 20 years gone? 

The event was faultless, filled with wonderful volunteers and for the first time ever, Dave and Chris (support) very kindly met us at the check points and laid out chairs, food, water and smiling faces (and a knock on the door!!). Clearly i am getting uber soft these days – so it must be time to head out to the trail with a bivvi bag for a few days. 
Yesterday was also filled with admiration for the three youngsters that walked as part of the team (and also the other very young children who were part of other teams). These guys and gals dispelled the notion that all of the young population/youth of today are just sitting at home playing on the playstation. Yesterday, hand in hand with parents and famillies, these guys proved that 40 miles is possible, achieveable and just needed the encouragment and support of their family and friends. Really super – well done guys and gals (and parents). 

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