Its all over πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜€

Woohooo!! Made it ….96 miles (with a few extra miles detour) today with more hills than I could count. I have to say, i started today with no energy in the legs … This should have happened on day 2 or 3 …..Β 

I spent the first two hours in the lowest gear 1:1 even for the flat (and lets not talk about the hills!!); I had to fight for each mile. Today was always going to be a big day both in terms of hills and mileage and I was gutted that delayed ’empty legs’ happened today.Β 

But no matter, onward and upward as they say …. And by 11am the legs were back working and having to work extremely hard across the hills.Β 
Stunning weather though … Perfect balance of sun and cloud.Β 

I do have a wee leg to complete to officially finish LeJog …. And will do over the next couple of weeks. But for now this training exercise is over. Never in my day would I consider hiking/biking landsend to johnogroats as ‘training’Β 

Tomorrow (if the trains let my bike on this time) will be back to the normal routies of life …Β 

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