– December 25, 2015 at 04:05PM

Resupply 24/12/15 10.5nm was all that was planned for today, early finish, a bit of a nero so that we can stuff our faces on the additional food, sort out sleds and rest. Now, if we had yesterdays snow …. Perfect! We would have zipped across in 5 hours… Yep, thats right, we would have…. IF we had yesterdays pm snow…. Sadly last night brought more snow with a wee bit of wind to shake it up… Just enough to make it deep enough to pull the snow ploughs again and rough enough to act like sandpaper on the skis and sled. Wooohoooo jezzzt our luck! so, it was 7 hours ….. And meant that the ‘nero’ has turned into a nerfull. Nontheless, it was great to see the resupply flag from 1/2 a click and reach our first real milestone of the trip.

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