– December 08, 2015 at 04:58PM

White out, 25kts blowing from the south east. All would be fine but for this trip we are wading through 30cm of snow that doesnt hold any weight and means that as you lunge (and pulling 55kg+ from the hip) you also have to lift the leg (and ski) in order to be able to get a proper edge on the ski (plough styleeee for skiers out there) so that you can push out so that you can pull the sled along. Energy zapping i think you can call that… And more. Fabulous is another name … Well unless the guide states that he has never seen this before ….. Deep snow? Usually its blown away by the winds and hardened by the sun! Hoho!! Aparently 5 days total for the whole trip would be usual …so thats great that we have already got 2 days out the way so early!! But I dont know …. something tells me that this is just the beginning … for the very ‘unusual’ ‘freak weather’ ‘never seen before’ kinda year that I have had. Oh and btw we are expecting my tent to be buried by morning – just like our sleds this am.

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