Passports are important …..

So, its great to know that I have set off to a flying start….. Well I say flying … and that would be true, I did set off and did fly on a plane, different planes in fact, for many an hour. Flying so much that Immigration, in their tiny wee office in Santiago … wanted to support me and put me on a plane right back to England. 


‘we cant let you enter the country without a passport so you will have to return back to England’ they said. 
Yep, it was just about at that point that the tiiiiiinnnnyyyy littl’ snowballl started to gather great speed down the mountain….. 
But it was ok…. Well i say OK but that is relative and only after collecting my pj’s etc  and ripped bags from the conveyer belt that appeard to be impersonating Zippy and George with a hangover, that things seem to settle again …. Well until i missed my sceduled flight/transfer of course and had minutes to get on the next flight! …… Oh how I ran😀😀😀😳😀 …. 
Good start I think 😀

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